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Dr. KALAINGAR KARUNANIDHI. This Academy is beyond Caste, Creed Colour and all other barriers. More specially, this academy is beyond Politics. But many Leaders of Politics and the Religion are holding great position in this organisation. This Academy is not getting any aid or assistance from any where or from the Government. It is only a Social & Cultural Organisation to promote basic human values of life. It functions mainly from the income earned through the programmes such as Cinema, Music, Dance& Drama.

Besides this we conduct Felicitation programmes every year. We honour outstanding personalities from various walks of life mainly Scientists, Freedom Fighters, Journalists, Doctors, Writers, Political Leaders, Film Stars, Educationalist, Self Effort Personalities and Meritorious Students Award etc., Every year we celebrate world unity day and emphasize the importance of Unity.

The main motive of this Academy is to bring the talented to Lime-Light and honour them to encourage them to do better service. Those who were honoured by the Marrumalarchi Arts Academy were later Awarded several State and National Awards. There were numbers of Academy’s (Sabhas) 20 years ago in Chennai. But today there are only a few existing due to Media. Inspite of all such factors we feel proud to celebrate our Academy’s 25th Anniversary this year.

In our Academy Award Functions Governor, Chief Minister, Central & State Ministers, M.P.’s & M.L.A.’s, Top Ranking I.A.S. & I.P.S Officials, Vice - Chancellors, Brigadres, Great Industrialists and Cine Stars participated as Chief Guests and distributed the Awards to the outstanding personalities in various walks of life.

This Academy is serving in several Socio-Welfare projects such as Blood Donation, Eye Donation, Medicines, Food for poors and hearing aids to the impaired. Every year we are proud to give Free Education to 5 poor children by giving them books and uniforms. In this function we are giving 2 Tailoring Mechines to two poor widows and Cycles to Handicapped persons.

Marrumalarchi Arts Academy is a social & Cultural Organisation conducting Cinema, Drama, Music & Dance for the past 35 years. And also honouring Outstanding personalities in various walks of life with Outstanding Achievement Award, Best Teacher Award, Best Students Award, Awards to Educationist, Doctors Award, Dint of Hard work , Film Award and especially from January 2016 to May 2018 - 2 ½ years First time in India, every month we are celebrating “Revolution in Religion”Srimath Ramanujas 1000th year Anniversary Function by honouring 2000 Ramanujar followers . In our functions President, Governors,Chief Ministers, Judges, I.A.S & I.P.S Officials, Industrialists & Cine Personalities and many leading personalities participated as Chief Guests and distributed the Awards. Conducting Bharathanatiyam Arangetram also. New Membership open.